Kate Middleton’s Mesmerizing Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton’s Mesmerizing Wedding Dress 

Doubles of Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton drew crowds few days ago for the launch of a book presenting a behind-closed-doors take on the royal wedding.The pair arrived by horse-drawn carriage at Waterstone’s Piccadilly, London, for the launch of Kate And Wills Up The Aisle, the latest book by Alison Jackson.

The artist uses lookalikes to create paparazzi-style pictures of celebrities in risque poses.The royal couple, played by Simon Watkinson, 29, and Jodie Bredo, 22, later dined at a KFC restaurant before being “wed” in a ceremony at St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden. Ms Jackson said: “It’s a chronicle of how the Middletons met in the British Airways days, right the way through to the reception.

“It charts how William and Kate met, how their romance blossomed, the proposal and ultimately the marriage.

“We are commenting on what’s real and what’s not; we just don’t know any more. Celebrities aren’t really people any more. They are just a bunch of images in a magazine or newspaper.”

here is few pictures of her wedding gown which may inspire you

Kate Middleton In Mesmerizing Wedding Dress-3-igirlythingx

Kate Middleton In Mesmerizing Wedding Dress-1-igirlythingx

Kate Middleton In Mesmerizing Wedding Dress -igirlythingx






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