Best 33 Creative Ways to Style Your Bands of Wedding

Best 33 Creative Ways to Style Your Bands of Wedding 

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Whether you’re married, engaged, or nowhere near that stage of your life, you’ve totally thought about the ring you’d like to seal the deal. Don’t lie to us. But have you thought about your wedding band? If you have, we’re sure you’ve got loads of questions: Should it be bigger or smaller than your engagement stone? Do you want more than one? Should it complete a set, or would you prefer it to be totally unique? Once you’ve got it, how should you stack it?

 1 Match Your Band With Your Nail Art

2 Choose Tiny Diamonds to Play Up Your Bigger One

3 Say You Mean It With Words

4 Make Sure Your Dress Always Highlights Your Set

5 A Hand-Carved Leaf Will Feel Superspecial

6 You’ve Got Options! Switch Up Your Stack

7 Opt For a Set With Ultimate Texture
8 Let Your Gold and Silver Sit Pretty Together

9 This Bride Was Into Winter Whites
10 Sapphires on Sapphires Is Fine by Us

11 Remember That Opposites Attract

12 Keep Your Bracelets in Line Too

13 Heighten the Effect of Your Halo

14 Double Up Big Time on the Sparkle

15 Pairing Silver With Gold Is Always an Option

16 Don’t Be Afraid to Make Double the Statement

17 An Opal Is Gorgeous Alone — Play It Up With a Subtly Etched Ring

18 Go Classic Like Lauren Conrad

19 Cradle Your Engagement Ring With Your Wedding Band

20 Simple and Dainty Never Hurt Nobody

21 Form a Pretty Pattern

22 Play Up Your Set With an Aquamarine Cocktail Ring

 23 Let Your Band Be Your Something Blue

 24 Who Said Your Band Had to Be the Smallest Ring on Your Finger?

 25 Is Three Rings Too Many? Naw

 26 Go Ahead, Match With Your Hubby

 27 There’s No Better Add-On Than a Ring of Hearts

 28 Your Stack Shouldn’t Flash on By — But It Should Be Striking

 29 Let Your Baby’s Toes Try It on First

30 Remember It’s All About the Intricacies

  31 A Crisscross Wedding Band Is One of the Most Highly Coveted

32 For Some, It’s All About the Date

33 “Does This Work With My Chanel?”


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