This Effortlessly Cool "Banana Bun" Is Perfect For Lazy Girls – igirlythingx

This Effortlessly Cool “Banana Bun” Is Perfect For Lazy Girls – igirlythingx

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While french twists have been around for as long as we can remember, that doesn’t mean they’re old-fashioned. There’s something about them that’s always seemed so elegant. The look is perfect for weddings and formal events, but now, we’ve found a way to relax the traditional style and incorporate it into our everyday routine. Meet the banana bun: the loose, low hairstyle that takes your typical messy chignon a whole new level of chicness.

Executing the look itself is simple. Put your hair up into a loose low ponytail, using bobby pins to pin strands up and into the into the pony.”The pony will act as an anchor to you,”

The banana bun embraces fly aways and uncooperative strands (making it fabulous for humid days when your hair just won’t cooperate). The styling possibilities are endless, too: you can wear it in the middle of your head, lower down by your neck, or even to the side. After initially spotting the trend, we knew we had to try this for ourselves.

Keep reading to see photos of the effortlessly cool banana bun, and then, check out the top beauty trends you need to know for the Fall.



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