5 Nail Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere This Summer

Top 5 Nail Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere This Summer

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Start your summer right with DIY suggestions.

Cheeky Tints

The idea is that the nail looks as though it is blushing. ” To get the look, softly dab a coral lacquer to the center of your nail to create a soft flush that mimics rosy cheeks. “This trend is great for summer because of its lightweight feel and feminine color way.”

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Circle with Background 

Circles were seen on the pendants at etro as well as hardware, ring handles on the bags [at] Chloe, Edie Parker and many more. It is an ideal trend for nail art since the circular shape really lends itself to the shape of the nail and is graphic and simple to create. using a ball head pin or the end of an eraser as a DIY dotting tool to keep your circles uniform in size. 

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Free Form and Negative Space

Free form negative space designs are easy, expressive and great for runway because they can be quickly executed. we should go bold with the design for maximum visual impact.
Freehand your look with white polish onto a bare nail for a vanilla look that is anything but boring.


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’80s Gradient

Spring 2017 NYFW was filled with color. The vivid colors and signature shoulder pads of the 80’s sprinkled the runways in New York and London. Just to update the trend apply ’80s metallic trend witha surprising color combination teal, magenta and hot pink.


Bright Look

Rainbow stripes are a no-brainer for summer, When painting your nails with a striped look, start with the most sheer and light color first. For those who aren’t about perfectly straight lines, choose 4 or 5 different shades from the ’80s revival palette and layering them by using a striping brush to create random order and coloration. The irregularity will give you a painterly finish and mask any mistakes, too. 


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