The Hot New Shoe You’ve Been Seeing at the All Over Instagram

The Hot New Shoe You’ve Been Seeing at the  All Over Instagram 

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Activewear has been getting more and more fashion-forward — and sneakers have followed suit. While many of us used to hit the gym in an old college t-shirt, beat-up shoes, and a pair of baggy shorts, it’s now a rarity to see someone in anything other than runway-ready athletic styles. But do these trend-focused pieces hold up for exercise?

Fit and Feel

  • Super soft, cushioned, and comfortable
  • In my experience, they had to be broken in a little
  • Sock-like upper that you slide into, with a snug, secure fit (you should still wear socks, though)
  • Upper feels like a wetsuit — it’s neoprene
  • Laces don’t make a huge difference in how snug they fit
  • They run small — I’m a 5.5 in Adidas, 5.5 to 6 in most Nikes, and these were snug at a 6. Nordstrom recommends ordering a size up; I’d recommend ordering a half-size up.
  • They’re so snug that after a while, they press down (and indent) the top of my feet. This is after hours of wear.



  • “8mm drop from the heel to the forefoot” (meaning, there’s 8 mm more cushion in the heel than there is in the toe area). Moderate to minimalist shoes have anywhere between a 4 and 10 mm drop.
  • 4-way stretch upper
  • “Proprietary Athletic Propulsion Labs Propelium midsole/outsole” — less rubber, less weight
  • 7.9 ounces: very light, but not featherweight


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