7 Eye Makeup Looks That Are Fabulous

7 Eye Makeup Looks That Are Fabulous 

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Full disclosure: in middle school, I wore nothing but white eye shadow for a year straight. As an incredibly unsavvy beauty lover, my 13-year-old self somehow confused smearing iridescent white powder over my eyelids for a trendy makeup technique. Alas, I was mistaken. Shout-out to the friend who (somewhat) kindly informed me that I looked ridiculous and told me to buy a real eye shadow palette.

So you can imagine my apprehension at one of the top Winter trends: icy eye makeup. This style emulates Queen Elsa and her beauty by layering blue, gray, and yes, white pigments. It can be intimidating to try a look that could appear dated so easily, but thankfully, we’re not on our own.

ReadySetGlamour keeps this look versatile with a combination of silver and navy shadows layered over a metallic eyeliner base. The formulas are lightly shimmered, making this makeup ideal for professional holiday parties. It’s bright and eye-catching without being over the top.

This icy look by Desi Perkins is done in the style of a traditional smoky eye, including crease contouring to make her peepers pop. She uses a teal liner base to set the overall color tone for the finished makeup.

This tutorial is focused on teaching you how to achieve a wintry eye look relying mostly on drugstore products. Amy Macedo shows you how to achieve the entire finished face, and focuses on the combination of iridescent shadows that bring the ice-blue makeup to life.

To create this dramatic look, thefancyfaced uses a variety of products but specifically calls out L’Oréal Infallible Eyeshadow in Timeless Blue Spark ($8), a vibrant aquamarine hue. She creates a gorgeous ombré smoky eye, topping it off with a line of glitter along her top lid.

By the look of Paulina Alaiev’s creation, you’d never guess it took under five minutes and just seven products to create. She uses a bold winged cat eye that dramatizes the blue and silver shadows used on her lid.

This rocker glam tutorial from Kristen Leanne features a stunning eye shadow combination with vibrant blue and sparkling teal hues. As an extra perk, she uses all cruelty-free brands.

Leyla Rose goes all out with this shimmery cool-toned confection, created by blending various shimmery silver shades. She finishes the look off with a sultry black liner on both her upper and lower lids.

I felt like MakeupByAlli was speaking right to me when she noted that many people are scared to (or in my case, too emotionally scarred to) take on white eye shadow. The finished style is soft and seasonal and the perfect style for a snow bunny to rock when hitting the slopes.

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