7 things you should Know, if you love your skin !!!

7 things you should Know, if you love your skin !!!

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-1- Don’t Scrub it much:

If you scrub your skin much thinking that it will remove dead skin, then be alert! You continuous scrubbing may damage you healthy skin after crossing the dead layer. Once your healthy cells get damaged it will take time to regenerate.

Apply Moisturizer
-2- Apply moisturizer:

To maintain softness and glow of your skin you should moisturize it regularly, if it gets dry all the glow will be seized out and after some time your skin will be chapped.

-3- Don’t pop pimples:

Pimples are the most hated thing because they usually appear before our special day, whatever may be the reason hide them with the help of foundation but don’t squeeze them.

-4- Telephonic addiction:

Many of us love telephonic conversation but, you don’t know how much germs you cell phone have because we keep it on desks or elsewhere we want. So, you can clean it with the sanitizer.

-5- Put lip balm:

Your lip is the most sensitive part of your face, so you should always apply lip balm because dry lips can cause black lining on them which will dull your look.

-6- Drink water:

drinking water is the best practice because it not only moisturize you skin but also works for your whole body.

-7- Maintain sleep:

Our sleep directly induces impact on our skin because even a light dark circle can spoil your look. So, always have adequate sleep of 8 hours.

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