Ways To Apply Lipstick So That It Stays For Long Hours

4 Ways To Apply Lipstick So That It Stays For Long Hours

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One of the reasons why people abstain from wearing lipstick is that it’s continually falling off.
Not at all like foundation or mascara where they can go stay without a touch up for long hours. You get the feeling that you have to check your lips consistently to ensure they’re not smearing.

Usually by the fifth hour you simply wipe it off so you don’t have to stress over it any more.
Well, worry not because I know about several lipstick hacks to get your lipstick to remain through a feast or a couple of hours longer.

Here’s my most loved lipstick hacks and tried tips:

Lipstick hacks –

1 – Exfoliate
This is a great trick that functions admirably. Every so often getting rid of all the dead skin off your lips gives your lipstick a new palette to hold fast to. You can make one yourself utilizing home remedies or you can simply buy one from your favourite brand.


2 – Use a liner
Liner unquestionably does not intend to mean 1980s two-conditioned lips. It is truly powerful at keeping your lipstick from seeping around the edges and is especially imperative with striking hues. You can use it as a protector and an unmistakable pencil that you can spread everywhere on the lips and even around them to hold the lipstick set up.

3 – Blot and Twist
Attempt this trick if you can, apply your lipstick as you regularly would, then smudge the overabundance off with a tissue. At that point reapply a last layer to obscure the shade once more, yet as opposed to spreading the lipstick over your lips, put the lipstick on your lips and bend it in. Apply these all over until your lips are equally hued. Contorting the lipstick in works superior to anything spreading, since it pushes the shading into the breaks as opposed to simply setting it on top.


4 – Powder Finish
Much the same as foundation should be set with a powder, a touch of powder on top of your lipstick keeps it from moving strange. I dapple a tiny bit on my forefinger, smudge on to my lips, and smack them together to rub it in. When you think of hunting down the most ideal one, remember that translucent powders work the best.

These are my tried and tested lipstick hacks – So, it’s time to try that lipstick on without any worries!

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