Top 5 Nail Colors to wear this Winter

Top 5 Nail Colors to wear this Winter

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Hey there ladies! What is life, without having your nails painted in different shades ? But with the winter approaching at it’s pace we need to totally get over those neon shades and experiment with new rustic colors that have made their way into beauty aisles.

You could go for pink but a greyish pink that’s as cozy as a wide-knit scarf, a strong evergreen blue you could take through the holidays, and the only rose gold cream you ever need to know anything about.

Cheers to the Holiday month and here be out top 5 pick for this Winter!

#1 Glittery Chocolate Olive: 
Under candlelight or strobe lights, this burnished chocolate olive comes to life thanks to glimmering flecks of reddish sparkle. 

#2 Purple: 
This rich-looking deep aubergine that’s so mesmerising, one could get lost in it. Must have this season.

#3 Olive Green : 
Perfect to go with your leather clothing or jewel-toned silk tops. Another must have this season.

#4 Ripe Melon: 
Take a spin in this fresh take on a sheer bright ripe melon – and roll up in style. This color is sober with touch of punk in it. 

#5 Opaque copper pink: 
Think opaque copper pink like a rose gold iPhone or a bottle of rosé. Classy!

As much as you love the nail art trends emerging, take some time off to relax while you paint your nails. 

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