The Probable Hottest Hairstyle Trends in 2017

The Probable Hottest Hairstyle Trends in 2017

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“There’s a strong emphasis on individuality this season, as well as embracing the hair’s natural texture,” say Guido Palau, Redken’s global creative director.

#1 Layered Lobs

The ever-trendy lob is here to stay, but with a bit more texture than years past. “The heavy lob is tired now, which means lots of layers are coming into play,” says Matt Fugate, a stylist at the Serge Normant at John Frieda salon in New York.

#2 Bangs, Bangs, Bangs

Frame your face with some fresh fringe. “Girls are very up for a change nowadays, and you don’t have to do a dramatic cut to make a change,” says Guido. Whether they’re blunt, piece-y, or choppy, bangs can transform your look instantly.

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#3 Undone Updos

Basic buns and braids, begone! Airy, romantic styles have refreshed the red carpets. “Soft layers around the face can change your hairstyle and add to the hair’s character,” says Guido.

#4 Au Naturel

Skip the excessive heat styling. After years of blow drying and flat-ironing, women — including red-carpet regulars like Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington and Solange — are letting their natural curls loose. Show off your natural beauty!

#5 Relaxed Ponytails

Who says a mid-height pony can’t be chic? Gabrielle Union’s hairstyle is a perfect example of awesome a slightly undone pony can still polished. And, yes, you can pair more casual hair with dressed-up makeup and clothing.

R E A D M O R E 

#6 Cropped Cuts

From pretty pixies to clean bobs, “super short lengths are in style, particularly with geometric ends,” says Simon Miller, KMS California Global Style Council member. Take the chance to chop it all off — you’ll be glad you did.

#6 Hair Accessories

Elevate any look with an embellished accessory. Clipping in a minimal detail — whether it’s a pretty pin or bold barrette — just behind your ear, can make a major impact. So easy, so chic.

#7 Volume

Amp up your hair with a boost in body and a touch of tousled texture. “On damp hair, start by working in a volumizing mousse at the roots. Then twist two-inch sections of hair up, and secure with pins at the roots, allowing hair to air-dry. Once dry, remove the pins to reveal natural, wavy volume,” says Miller.

R E A D M O R E 

#8 Deep Side Part

A dramatic side part can switch up your everyday look, without the commitment of a cut. Line the part up with the arch of your eyebrow, and create a clean line with a comb, continuing the part straight back. Add in loose waves, and tuck the less-prominent side behind your ear for a super glam style.

#9 Movement

Mimic that easy, I-woke-up-like-this style with just a littlebit of effort. “Blow dry your hair with a paddle brush to straighten it; then using a large curling iron (try a 1.5-inch iron), take random sections, and curl your hair away from your face to give it movement,” advises Taylor Brock, Butterfly Studio Salon’s hair expert.

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