15 New Winter Hair Colors in Trend

15 New Winter Hair Colors in Trend 

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Let terra-cotta red, updated ombré, and Kylie Jenner’s rose gold convince you to experiment with your color. Here, the newest hair hues to try this winter.

#1 #2 #3 Rose Gold

With a twinge of platinum, this color is an step above the anime pink that dominates your Instagram feed. It was recently seen on Hilary Duff, Elle Fanning, and a serious hair chameleon, Kylie Jenner. 

#4 #5 #6 Terra Cotta Red

The red of the season is far from your typical va-va voom ginger. Instead, it-girls like Amandla Stenberg and Sarah Snyder are opting for terra-cotta with blue undertones. If the color is too vibrant for your vibe, try Kate Mara’s more accessible version in cool auburn. 
#7 #8 #9 Chocolate Ombré

Ombré is a dye job typically done with blonde tips, but the latest stars are taking the barely-there route. Priyanka Chopra, Selma Hayek and Sasha Lane fade their naturally dark roots to a warm, chocolate brunette that richly contradicts the cooler season. 
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#10 #11 #12 Surfer Streaks

Alexander Wang’s latest runway collection was inspired by Venice Beach and rife with sun-streaked hair. It might counter-intuitive to go blonde for winter, but why wait until summer to try a bright, warm hue? I might be biased, but trust me, the look works year-round. Get the multi-dimensional style seen on Ciara, Emilia Clarke, and the Vitruvian Man of a beach blonde, Blake Lively.
#13 #14 #15 Natural Black

More and more celebrities are experimenting with something we rarely see–their natural color, especially those with soft black hair like Shay Mitchell, Rihanna and Diane Guerrero. This hue is less harsh than last year’s penchant for jet black, and it works with every skin tone.

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